MemoryBoost 2.6

MemoryBoost frees unused memory, making your computer run faster...

MemoryBoost frees unused memory, making your computer run faster and more reliably. Windows lets closed programs stay in memory; that's why you have to reboot your computer to keep the performance up.

MemoryBoost solves this problem by reclaiming unused memory for your applications. They can run faster, and Windows has less work to do, resulting in more stability for your programs and system as a whole.

MemoryBoost itself is small and lightweight; it does not install any new system drivers or anything else that could destabilize your system. It also provides in-depth statistics and a history of memory-usage, so you can see how much MemoryBoost has helped your computer.

FEATURES: -Protects you from crashes. MemoryBoost warns you when system resources get low - allowing you to close some programs before they crash.

-Automatically frees up memory, improving performance. You can leave MemoryBoost running and forget about it, assured that it is maximizing your computer's speed.

-Shuts down "junkware," software that eats system resources without benefit. -Provides easy-to-read statistics on your computer's memory use.

You can see at a glance how well your computer is performing. -Detective feature shows you how much of your memory each running program is using.

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